Finally got Chris’ top off of her Jeep

Needed to place some eye-bolts through the roof of the new shop and edit the cable inside a come-a-”not-so-long” puller.  But, it’s done and she can now enjoy the weather easily.

Camper is back on it’s own two wheels again.

As most of you know, I went through the process of placing a fully functional popup camper on the front of a 25′ flatbed.

This was done so that we could take the living quarters and The Cow to off-road destinations together while only hauling 1 trailer behind the truck.

Since then we have changed houses and now live out in the country. This allows us for some actual storage space. The camper is now back on the ground, and the tongue has been bolted back onto the frame (could be removed again if desired). This will allow us to leverage Chris’ new Jeep and tow just us and the camper to a wheelin destination itself.

If we wish to take The Cow and the camper together, I’ll just hitch them together and pull them both up onto the flatbed. I will be designing some lighter weight ramps for the flatbed that stow vertically for when this is done.

Current projects for “The Cow”…

Current projects slated for the white Jeep:

I just recently installed front and rear Corbeau Baja SS seats with 3 point harnesses.  All I can say is wow, these things are comfortable.  Only complaint I have is they sit a bit high and it made it even more difficult to get behind the wheel of the rig.

Installation of synergy roll-cage, purchased front and rear kits, the rear one I received is technically for an LJ but it will get modified to fit the TJ.

Front-end modifications will involve frenching the headlights into the grill.  I have new (technically old) CJ headlights with full bucket assemblies.  I hope to change the look of the front even more this fall/winter.

Painting of the rig, not 100% sure what color yet, but it will not be a cow forever..


This site has just been setup, hopefully this is a web format that will be easier for us to maintain.  Planning to have a variety of post types ranging from what is going on with our family to what kind of recreation activities we have going on.  Please bear with us and check back soon.